Let It Snow

It’s snowing here again.  We got about 2.5 inches last night (I suppose I should be thinking in cm, but…who cares?  😛 ), and it’s snowed pretty much all day.

I showed my parents last night by turning on my webcam, turning off the lights, and holding my computer out our window on the European 2nd/US 3rd floor.

These are pictures Tom took, mostly out the window of the shared kitchen.  He took them at the end of January, but this is basically what the view out of the kitchen bay window looks like now.


I love how smooth the non-iced part of the lake looks.  (Left-hand part of picture.)  Tom says that that’s caused by a thin layer of water over ice underneath, making the water look smooth and glassy.


Here, the building you can see behind the trees and the lake is GT Lorraine.  (Yes, it is one-building small.  There are about 200 people total, mostly undergrads, with a few permanent French professors and about two labs worth of grad students doing their PhD here.)


The whole lake is lined with buildings like the ones in the background, which are buildings for various French colleges and universities.  (And yes, just like at regular Georgia Tech, you can tell where it is by all the construction.  Although in this case the construction is on an environmental school right next door.)


Yep, weird ugly buildings (I think a secondary school) at the other end of the lake too.  But also a bus stop, yay!  And the lake is icy enough for there to be SNOW ON IT.  For me, this is mind-blowing.