Scarf Challenge Day 11

Today being a lazy, play-Flash-games, read-fanfiction, do-a-little-catching-up recovery day, I decided I’d finally try the “blogger” look.  It’s a simple scarf move–wrap it around your neck until you run out of scarf.  Tuck the ends in.  Voila!  A little slouchy, a little chic, a little I-wore-too-many-turtle-necks-as-a-child…

Anyway.  What do you think?  (The thing you can’t see in my fantastic Photo Booth pictures is that my shirt is very dark teal with horizontal black stripes.  Or is that black with very dark teal horizontal stripes?)  Earrings from my favorite jewelry-maker, Sihaya Designs.Photo on 2013-01-24 at 18.25 Photo on 2013-01-24 at 18.25 #2 Photo on 2013-01-24 at 18.24 #3


A Backlog of Scarves: Days 3 and 4

Shall we?

Day Three

I cheated.  I wanted to try out the “blogger look”you know the one, but I discovered that the scarf I wanted to wear wasn’t suitable for wrapping around my neck–because it was already an infinity scarf!  So I just looped it around twice, comfy- and slouchy-looking.

DSC_4392 DSC_4393

My outfit that day was pretty awesome too:

Scarf and Shorts: Plato’s Closet  –  Shirt: hand-me-down (I think)  –  Tights: Target ($3!)  –  Boots (which you can’t see): DSW
Exercise Ball That is Stealing The Scene: Target


Day Four

I cheated some more.  This is your standard overhand knot, but I used a Through The Wire Headband (in yellow, obviously) from Modcloth.  The zig-zag wire inside the headband/scarf keeps it in place and makes the ends stand out.  So a very polished look for .00001 units of effort.


Shirt: Target  –  Cardigan: closet (I’ve had it since high school)  –  Scarf: Modcloth  –  Jeans: Kohl’s
Earrings: Sihaya Designs  –  Boots: DSW


Scarf Challenge: Days 1 and 2

Me, grinning with my arms crossed, showing off my scarf and dress

(Apologies for the blurry photos; the lighting was very poor and I’m new at the whole camera thing.)

I’ve decided that one of my goals for this trip is to tie a different scarf knot each day for the next month.  I documented the first day herefor knot archival purposes (also because my outfit was fab, and if you say differently, I’ll cut you).

So far, I’ve tied the slip-knot ascot (#11 here) on Day 1 of my scarf challenge and the half-bow today, Day 2.  The slip-knot ascot was much more successful than the half-bow.  (This is why you don’t have pictures of me today–that and I got very sweaty in today’s outfit and ripped my scarf off as soon as I got home.)


Scarf and dress: Banana Republic  –  Earrings: Icing  –  Tights: Target  –  Boots: DSW
Outer Wear:
Hat: Quincy Market, Boston  –  Trench: Thrift store, Columbus, OH  –  Gloves: Gift from a friend

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The half-bow tutorial mentions that it might behelpful to pin a brooch on the knot to make it look “more like a fashion statement.”  That’s an understatement.  It’s more along the lines of “needs a brooch to look like a scarf knot and not like you forgot how to tie a bow half-way through and wandered away.”  Or “needs a brooch so it doesn’t look like your scarf is growing a fluffy tumor.”  The half-bow also looks much, much better when you push the whole knot to one side of your neck rather than wearing it in the middle like an extra fluffy, partially untied, very rumpled cravat.

I didn’t bring any pins or brooches to France (care packages welcome 😛 ), so I made do with two antique clip-on earrings that I happened to bring.  They’re small, off-white roses (none of my earrings that would sort of work as brooches are large enough to use just one), and they definitely did help hold the “bunny ear” in place so it didn’t stick out to the side, as well as tying (ha ha) the whole mess together.  Oh well.  Don’t have to do that one again.

I am excited about more scarf knots, and I’m also excited to be finished with my self-imposed challenge so that a: I don’t have to try more dorky-looking knots and b: so I can use the slip-knot ascot again.  That one is elegant and unexpected, and I really want to wear it again.