Today We Went for a Walk

The weather in Metz was gloriously sunny and in the high 50°s (Fahrenheit), so we went for a nice long walk today.

The German Gate

Caution: Very image-heavy post ahead.

This is the German gate.  It’s on the east side of Metz, over the La Seille, which joins La Moselle (which runs around the north and west side of the city) at the northeast corner of Metz.  Tom made a snarky comment about the fortifications on the east side, near the German gate, of how it’s typical of the French to only have fortified one side of their city.  Because no Germans would ever sneak around and come in from the west.


Spring is starting to happen on La Seille!  You can almost tell!  I might even be willing to bet that it’s not going to snow again.  Maybe.


Tom endured me taking a million [bad] pictures of this cool old staircase.


And then caught my fierce hiking pose before I headed down the stairs, too.


Of course, then I scrambled right back up them to catch the really lovely graffiti on the handrail–it went all the way down the entire handrail, je t’aime over and over.


We discussed who exactly gets the job of going around checking up on locked up and bricked up old buildings, like this (we think) military barracks for fortifying the river.  Because I would volunteer for that job!


There were some old bricked-over rails leading from the barracks towards the river.  We wondered what sort of goods they had been loading and unloading.  Food?  Munitions?  If any video game I’ve ever played is right, it’s gold coins and random lit pieces of dynamite.


The pathway next to the river, below the fortifications, was pretty idyllic.  And it was starting to look like spring, too!



Some parts of the fortifications were obviously older than others.


Also, there was a river.  😛  I wasn’t very good at photographing it.  But it was still pretty.


I love my husband.


Even when he looks stoned.DSC_4969

Or tired of me taking paparazzi pictures of him.


Did you notice he was carrying my coat for me?  And the backpack full of water, camera bag, winter clothes, and maps?


The river was preeeeetty.


And I wished I had a telephoto lens, because there was a cute little kid playing on the other bank.


Stop me if you’ve heard this one–IT’S ALMOST SPRING!


Yes, I’m obsessed with old things with dates on them.  But seriously, who puts in arrow slits in 1831?


Pretty graffiti, though.  (And it’ll still be pretty if one of you horrifies me with the True Meaning of the Gang Symbol or Evil Human Sacrifice Religion that it stands for.  Le sigh.)


And of course Death is the end of the journey.  (The separate Jewish and Christian cemeteries were fascinating.  I think if I had to be buried in Metz, I’d rather be Jewish, for purely aesthetic reasons.  No pictures because it felt disrespectful.)


But man, if our funeral homes/chapels were called Necropoles, wouldn’t visiting them be way more fun?

I mean:

And with that, I will leave you with the least Eiffel Tower-y looking Eiffel Tower kiss ever:


But that’s a story for another day.


4 thoughts on “Today We Went for a Walk

  1. Mara says:

    Ooooooooooooh. I really, really love these pictures. Today is quite blustery and sunny in SF. Wish you were here, but really can’t begrudge you the gorgeous fortifications.

  2. Melinda says:

    The pretty graffiti that you’re about to be horrified over: It’s a triskelion – I have it (well, a variation thereof) on my coin necklace from RenFest. In Christianity, it is used to symbolize the Father/Son/Holy Ghost, and in paganism is used to either allude to the purity and unification of mind/body/spirit, or any religious/stellar triplicities that people came up with. No bad/dire meanings that I’m aware of.


    • sophiashinies says:

      SCORE. Your nerdiness saves me from freaking out. Now I want one, too. Especially in psychedelic graffiti colors!

  3. lillight says:

    I love this post! Yay pictures and finally warming up in Metz.

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