Day 10

Today was FULL OF SUN, which was an enormous blessing. Tom said that when he headed over to school this morning at 8 AM, there was a dusting of snow on everything, enough so everything was just barely touched with white and gorgeous.

Of course, I am a chronically late sleeper (and I stayed up until 3 AM last night? ooooops), so by the time I woke up, there were little fragments of snow between the tufts of grass, and little lines of snow on car bumpers. It was just enough snow to have turned to ice in spots with lots of foot traffic that are permanently in shade.

I know this because I went and got a bike today! Yay! My to-do list for today was extra-ambitious (particularly considering that I got up at noon? ahem), but I layered up in tights under my running tights and a shirt under my cold-weather running shirt and headed in to the city to get a bike.

Getting a bike was easy. Getting home was…not easy.

The bike paths are relatively well-marked inside the city, less so in the outskirts and suburbs, and suffer an enormous problem of indicating very clearly where a bike path ended (usually and a portion of needing to walk your bike amongst pedestrian traffic began)…but not at all clearly where the next bike path would be. And I discovered that my tiny bike map, showing major streets and bike paths, is useless when you’re turned around in the middle of several blocks of tiny residential streets, particularly with the level of extensive road construction that is going on everywhere.

I got turned around once, and when I realized how far back towards the city I had gone, I was not going to bike back up and down the huge hill I had come over to backtrack. So I made a big circle, and in the process found the riverside path next to the Metz Pompadeu (local arts center) and the Seille (the river that runs around Metz)—gorgeous.

Unfortunately, by the time I was home, I had spent an hour and a half biking around in the (literally) freezing weather, the sun had set, my muscles were (and are!) sore, and I was very dehydrated. When I got in to our apartment, I pretty nearly collapsed on the floor. My lovely (if begrudging and still exhausted from being sick) partner stripped off my cold outer layers, bundled me into bed, and fed me bon bons (if bon bons are “hot chocolate and some shortbread-ish cookies we had laying around” 😛 ).

On the bright side, a: Tom, who is allergic to the cold, was not out in the cold for two hours and b: I am getting a much better sense of the roads in the south and east of the city. I might very well be able to bike to church next Saturday without getting hopelessly lost!

Other bright side: catching up on Elementary and relaxing this evening. Will get to the rest of the to-do list (laundry, shopping, vacuuming, French lessons, grad school applications) tomorrow. In the meantime, I have a sexy husband ignoring me in favor of his computer. Time to go steal a couple of kisses. (And then watch the rest of Elementary–I went over my tiny bandwidth cap for the dorm internet, so we’re waiting up for midnight to finish the episode. Hee.)


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